Principal's Welcome


   Hello, my name is Mrs. Rivas and I am the proud principal at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School in Reseda.


   St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School serves a diverse school population; Hispanic, Asian, Filipino, African-American and Anglo population, enriching the students' learning abilities in a multi-cultural environment.


   One of the big missions of the Catholic Church is to educate one and all in the faith of Jesus Christ. This is also the mission of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School. We as teachers and you as parents have the duty to educate our children in the faith of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every Catholic child has the right to grow in an environment where they can learn and celebrate their faith without any reservations, which is our philosophy.


   St. Catherine of Siena school is a safe and joyful place where students can become the best version of themselves with a strong academic formation.


   St. Catherine of Siena is a TK to 8th grade departmentalized school. Each teacher focuses, masters, and innovates in two or three subjects. Because of this, teachers have a great ability to differentiate their instruction to meet the personal needs of their students. Teachers at St. Catherine of Siena are more effective because they teach what they love. Students, on the other hand, develop interpersonal skills by being exposed to different teaching styles.


   Last year, our students grew at a 38% rate per year in English and 47% per year in Math. Our annual student growth is higher than local public or charter school.


   I invite you to come and visit our school, where Faith meets Academic Excellence!


Mrs. Rivas



   Hola, yo soy la Sra. Rivas y soy la orgullosa directora de la Escuela Católica Santa Catalina de Siena en Reseda.


   La Escuela Católica Sta. Catalina of Siena atiende a una población diversa. Entre nuestros estudiantes contamos una población escolar, hispana, asiática, filipina, afroamericana y anglosajona enriqueciendo las habilidades de aprendizaje de nuestros estudiantes en un ambiente multicultural.


   Una de las grandes misiones de la Iglesia Católica es educar a todos en la fe de Jesucristo. Esta es también la misión de la Escuela Católica Sta. Catalina de Siena.

Nosotros como maestros y ustedes como padres tenemos el deber de educar a nuestros hijos en la fe de Jesucristo por el poder del Espíritu Santo. Todo niño católico tiene derecho a crecer en un ambiente donde pueda aprender y celebrar su fe sin reservas, lo cual es nuestra filosofía.


   La escuela Sta. Catalina of Siena es un lugar seguro y alegre donde los estudiantes pueden convertirse en la mejor versión de sí mismos con una sólida formación académica.


   Sta. Catalina de Siena es una escuela de Preescolar a la 8o. grado y somos una escuela departamentalizada. Cada profesor se enfoca, domina e innova en dos o tres materias. Debido a esto los maestros tienen una gran habilidad para diferenciar su instrucción para satisfacer las necesidades personales de sus estudiantes.


   Los profesores de Santa Catalina de Siena son más eficaces porque enseñan lo que aman. Los estudiantes, por otro lado, desarrollan habilidades interpersonales al estar expuestos a diferentes estilos de enseñanza.


   El año pasado, nuestros estudiantes crecieron a un 38% por año en inglés y un 47% por año en Matemáticas. El crecimiento anual de nuestros estudiantes es más alto que el de las escuelas públicas locales o el de las escuelas Charter.


   ¡Les invito a que vengan a visitar nuestra escuela, donde la Fe se encuentra con la Excelencia!


Sra. Rivas

School History


St. Catherine of Siena School has served families of the parish since 1952. The founding pastor, Monsignor Hackett, and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet wanted to provide an opportunity for children and their parents to grow in their knowledge and love of their faith. We are committed to continuing on this path today. 


Our Mission & Philosophy


We are the parish school of St. Catherine of Siena. We are the students, parents (the teachers at home) and the teachers at school.


We learn together as God’s family. Like Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we live God’s transforming life and share this with others.


Through prayer, excellence in education and Catholic values, we prepare students, regardless of ethnicity or family income, to become kind, courageous and wonderful children of God, transforming the world around us.


Experienced faculty and small class sizes ensure that each student will receive the individual attention they need to be successful. Our school-wide spiritual programs develop students of Faith, Honor, and Integrity.


Our students are led on the path to becoming who God meant for them to be and setting the world on fire.

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