Academic Decathlon 2017-2018

Please join us on prayers and congratulations to our Academic Decathlon Team:

  1. Diego Rodas (Logic Captain)

  2. Ace Espiritu (Super Quiz Captain)

  3. Cesar Somoza

  4. Joaquin Somoza

  5. Briana Ruiz

  6. Yzabella Gigantone

  7. Antonia Colby

  8. Grace Yaniak

  9. Ethan Cancio

  10. Daniel Espiritu


Our students led by Ms. Ignacio have been working since the beginning of the school year for this rigorous event that is going to take place on Sunday March 11th.


St. Catherine of Siena

18125 Sherman Way
Reseda, CA 91335
Phone: (818) 343-9880

The Academic Junior High Decathlon is an academic competition for students in grades 6-8. The competition is composed of the Logic Quiz, the Super Quiz and eight Individual Subject tests. Awards are given for Individual and Team performance.


Awards of recent years include:

  • 9th Place in Fine Arts (2016)

  • 10th Place in Literature (2016)

  • 7th Place in Language (2015)

  • 8th Place in Religion (2015)

  • 8th Place in Fine Arts (2013)

  • 5th Place in Literature (2011)

  • 10th Place in Language (2011)


Subject Areas Include:

  • Logic Puzzles and Riddles

  • History

  • Literature

  • Math

  • Science

  • Fine Arts

  • Current Events

  • Religion

  • Language


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