Extended Care

We understand that as parents you lead hectic and busy lives. In order to help support your needs, we provide Morning and After School Daycare for an additional fee. 

Morning Daycare:

7:15 am-7:30 am

$5 per day per child

$50/month 1 child

$65/month 2 children

$80/month 3 or more children

After School Daycare:

3:00 pm-6:00 pm Monday to Thursday

1:00 pm-6:00 pm Friday

$10 per day  per child

$200/month 1 child

$250/month 2 children

$300/month 3 or more children

Extended Care Emergency Number 818-877-3245

What we snack on:

  • Pepperidge Farm Baked Goldfish

  • Kirkland Organic Animal Cracker

  • Welch’s Family Farmer Owned Fruit Snack

  • Apples, bananas and oranges


    It is awesome and greatly encouraged for Parents to donate snacks. However, it’s not mandatory 

   If you do plan to bring in snacks they have to be packaged/wrapped snacks and/or store bought and the reason for having packaged/store bought snacks because it would be much safer for our students!.

   Please remember that here at Saint Catherine of Siena School we aim to have healthier snacks! So with that being said I hope you all feel encouraged enough to help our students with great snacks!

Extended Care Guidelines   

 Extended Care Emergency Number 818-877-3245


  • Extended Care begins Monday to Thursday at 3:16pm and Friday’s at 1:16pm or 12:16pm with no exceptions to this rule.

  • Students must be picked-up before 6pm if not $10 are going to be charged in addition for every 10 minutes after 6pm per child.

  • Students in other school activities such as homework club, theater, tutoring etc. that are not picked-up promptly will be sent to extended care and must pay the $10 fee.

  • Parents must walk to the extended care room to sign-out their child. Please do not honk your car horn to your child to pick him/her up.

  • Student are not allowed:

    • Near the fences or on the kinder playground

    • To ever open the school door

    • To use cellphones during extended care. (In case of an emergency students may use the school phone)

Extended Care Schedule:

  • 3:16 to 3:35: outside play. (no electronics)

    • 3:35 to 4:00: snack at the lunch tables. A small snack will be provided by the school but parents are greatly encouraged to send a snack for their child.

    • 4:00 to 5:00: homework/ reading time. If students finish their homework they are allowed to play games inside the extended care room. (They might be able to play outside at Ms. Miranda’s discretion.)

    • 5:00 to 6:00: movie time

Ipads and any other electronics are only allowed to be used to do homework and reading. Students are only allowed to use electronics inside the extended care room.

Children will have a pass to use the restroom (one at a time)

During a heat wave, or when it is raining, students must be inside the extended care room at all times. This is the only exception for kids to use their electronics to play games but they still cannot use their cellphones.  

St. Catherine of Siena

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