• Mrs. Rivas

First School Day 2017-2018

Welcome everyone to this new school year 2017-2018. This year we are going to celebrate our Faith by celebrating "The Life of The Saints". Each classroom is going to have the opportunity to learn and live specific characteristics of the class saint.

We are going to keep working with our STREAM program and this year the Jr. High students are going to have as part of their curriculum a Spanish class that is going to get them prepared for High School.

We are going to continue our STAR testing program and sharing the results with all of you. In addition we are going to continue with our after-school programs with some variants. Homework club is going to be now only with a teacher invitation, the goal of the program is that the students eventually 'graduate' from the program becoming independents when doing their homework. We will have chess club and a new theater program guided by Mrs. Rice.

We are also improving the school communication with text messages, emails, voice messages, our school web-site and our Facebook page.

This is going to be an exciting school year! The best ever!

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