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Congratulations to Andrew Alvarez for being the top ticket seller of the week! Keep up the good work

September 18, 2017

Come and celebrate the Eucharistic presided by Bishop Brennan!

On Wednesday September 20th, Most Reverent Bishop Brennan will preside our school mass. You are all invited to attend mass with our school children and receive the Bishop’s blessing. Mass will be at 8:30 am

Setting your child up for success!

The way you begin your morning sets you up for success during the day. If a child comes early to school it helps him/her to feel ready to have a wonderful day. On the other hand, when a student is late to class he/she is worried to catch-on with the day, they start the day distracted worried and tired.

Arriving to school on time is a HUGE challenge! There are so many things you have to do in the morning: take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, deal with traffic, etc. To help make your morning easier the experts advice is to plan: leave the uniform ready on the chair, make lunch the night before, follow a routine. Success is a chain of good steps put all together to create a great path! Please remember to never give up and keep aiming for the best, and when you do it right, congratulate yourselves big time. School begins at 7:50am every day.

Selling raffle tickets contest! Hurray 6th grade!

The 6th grade class is ahead in the selling raffle tickets contest! Remember you must sell tickets and turn them in to the office before Monday for your class to win. The top winning class with get a complete week of free dress!

Hurricane Harvey donation

St. Catherine of Siena school donated $62.00 from the popsicle fundraising to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Mission Office. Thank you all for your participation! You’re love and care makes the difference!


Theater program with Mrs. Rice

Our wonderful Kristin Rice is going to be starting a FREE! Extracurricular Theatre Arts Program at our school. It will begin October 5th at 3:15pm in the Hall! It will commence every Thursday from then on until December 14th in which we will have a Christmas Show that weekend. The show will be, A Christmas Carol, and will star your students! Please encourage your kids to sign up and enjoy learning and growing in the arts! Kristin has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and English as well as a Teaching Certificate in Theatre, English, and Bible. She has performed, toured, and taught at schools all across the United States and currently resides in North Hollywood where she works in Improvisational Theater as well as Television and Film. We are excited to have a Theatre class this Fall here at St. Catherine and look forward to a wonderful show!

**October 5th from 3:15-4:30 PM every Thursday in The Hall. There will be plenty of opportunity for parental involvement as well.

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