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October is the month of the Rosary

October is the month of the Rosary

During the month of October our students are going to pray the rosary in their religion class. The rosary is a Chris centric prayer with Mary’s intercession. We are inviting our families to pray the rosary at home. We are sending home instructions to pray the rosary. Our world needs the most prayers we need. Let’s pray together.

Parking during the Carnival set-up

Our Carnival is getting closer. This week we are going to begin the set-up. Our morning drop-off and pick-up procedures are going to change. For the morning please follow the direction of the morning traffic person, it might change each day. For pick-up you will need to park to get your child. Take the opportunity to return your sold tickets, drop-off your donations and by pre-sale tickets.

Water/Soda for the Carnival

We need water cases and soda for the Carnival. I am requesting each family MUST donate one 24 case of water bottles (500ml). water and 2 cases of 12 soda cans of brand soda. Please bring your donations to the office with your receipt so you can get full credit for your fundraising commitment. As an additional prize for your help with this donation you are going to get A FULL SERVICE HOUR! Thank you for your help

Pre-sale food and ride tickets Discounted Carnival tickets are sold at pick-up time and at the school office. $18 for 20 food tickets and $18 for 24 ride tickets. Pre-buy and save some money.

Keep yourself informed about school events following us in our Facebook page: St. Catherine of Siena-Reseda

Our School has just joined to YELP.COM. I want to invite you to please visit the page and write a wonderful review for our school. We would really appreciate it.

Selling raffle tickets contest!

7th grade is the top selling tickets class and is getting close to pizza party! Congratulations!!

Please send your tickets to school so your child class can get ahead, last day is OCTOBER 10th

Congratulations to Lucas in 7th grade for being the TOP TICKET SELLER this week!


This past Sunday the entire faculty together with our wonderful team of school parents dedicated their Sunday time to help us sell tickets at the end of each mass. I want to say thank you to all of them. We did a great job! God bless you one and all for your help! I also want to invite parents to join this effort to sell tickets this Sunday after mass which is our last opportunity to do pre-sales. Thank you in advance for your help and of course you will get Carnival service hours for your help.


Teachers are going to have a Professional Development day on October 9th We are not going to have classes that day. Preschool is the only one that is going to be open.

Friday October 6th is 1:00pm dismissal. School has STREAM


I want to remind your obligation on paying school tuition on time every month. Our school finances depend completely on Tuition and fundraising, we don’t receive any money from the government or the Archdiocese so without your tuition the school is not able to pay the salary to the teachers. In addition to this news I want to explain to you that from OCTOBER 2018 on the payment policy has change according to the student-parent hand book: “A $25 dollar fee is going to be charged on the 30th of each month to ALL the families that are late on their tuition. There are not going to be exceptions to this rule.”

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