• Mrs. Rivas

Thank you!!

Oh what a wonderful weekend we just had! I want to thank you Saints for a wonderful October 2017 Carnival! I want to give special thanks to some of the parents/families that went way far and beyond to make this Carnival a big success. First of all I want to thank Juan Guzman who was the Carnival coordinator. Thank you for the hundred of hours invested and the love to the school. I also want to give special thanks to Mrs. Elena Martell our food coordinator, thank you for a wonderful job and delicious food. To Mrs. Delia Hernandez who prepared the amazing mexican food with an incredible positive attitude. To Mrs. Irma Koppenhaver for being our ticket seller queen. To Mrs. Philline Guce who also helped selling hundred of raffle tickets and was the entertainment coordinator. To Mrs. Maritza Nieves who work so hard getting advertisement, sponsors, donors, vendors for the Carnival and on top of that she worked the Water Ball game, it was a titanic, physical demanding job! Thank you Maritza! To Mr.Steve Anderson and Clifford Weber who did an awesome job in the rainbow booth. To the Valadez family for providing the silent auction, the stage decorations and financial support. To the Echeverry/Padilla family that spend hours doing the face paint and also helped at the kitchen preparing from meat to funnel cakes. I don’t have enough space to name each one of the families and I am missing a lot of names (please forgive me for this) but I need to make sure that you know that I really appreciate and value each one of you and I thank ALL the parents that donated their time, the time of their families and their talents to make possible this event.

In a second group I want to thank all the school faculty and staff. They are truly the best! Thank you for the love and care you have for our school and our children!

I also want to thank all the Amazing St. Catherine of Siena groups, associations and parishioners that donated their treasure, time and talents to help our school. May God Bless you abundantly to you and your families for ever!

Special and multiple thanks to Mrs. Gene Brown, our Carnival coordinator from the parish. There are no words to express the amount of love we have for you Mrs. Brown!

I also want to thank the financial committee for your hard-work during the Carnival.

Finally I want to thank my family. They worked with me in several booths specially getting wet at the Water Ball game. Thank you for being part of mom’s job, I love you!

We are a very special community,a community of Faith, Excellence and Love. A small but mighty school with a big desire and right to be the best that God has sent us to be. I pray that this experience of working as a community can unite us even more to become the Kingdom of God on Earth.


Mrs. Rivas


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