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Penguins in 3rd grade!

Penguins in 3rd grade!

3rd grade has begun their first independent research project! They are researching different types of penguins after completing their 2nd novel of the year, Mr. Popper's Penguins. They have taken a large interest in penguins after reading this book and are excited to be learning and researching on their own!


Our process to establish our PTO begins this Tuesday October 24th at 7:00 at the Parish Hall. EVERYONE is required to attend. This is an informative meeting where you are going to learn what is a PTO and the requirements for the PTO board members and officers. There are so many times we want to change, help or re-design school structures, this is your opportunity. Participate!

Halloween Costumes

SCS is a proud Catholic school and we want to celebrate Halloween as a community. Our activities are focus in creating a fun, positive and safe environment for our students. Please make sure that your children’s costumes are age appropriate, non-violent and not rude. Be creative and have fun. We encourage students to make positive choices regarding their costumes. Children are not allowed to have ANY costume accessories at school, especially not guns or swords of any kind but including magic wands, masks, hats, bracelets or other objects that the student can lose at school or in the classroom. I want to make a BIG emphasis in not allowing HATS or WIGS of any kind, they can be carriers of lice and they are transmitted easily among the students when they borrow from each other, it is a hygiene matter so, thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s costume, ask the office or your child’s teacher.

Carnival service hours

If you didn’t serve at least 15 hours during the Carnival you are getting today an invoice for $225. If you have proof of your service hours and this invoice is a mistake please come to the office with your blue hours sheet.


It has been a tradition at SCS that parents participate at Trunk-or-Treat. Please join us again this year decorating your car and giving candy to our students. Please sign-in at the office. ‘Treat cars’ need to be at school at 11:00 am on Halloween day.

SCS evaluation system is called Gradelink. Teachers post grades frequently so you as parents and students can keep track of your child’s progress. Some or you haven’t logged to yet. If you are in that situation you are receiving today a letter with your Gradelink Login information. Please login at least once this week so you can better support your child.

Let’s go Dodgers let’s go!!

SCS is going blue on Tuesday October 24th! Show your Dodgers spirit at school. Students are allowed to wear appropriate jeans or school shorts and Dodgers clothing. Please remember it is a P.E. day so students need their tennis shoes.


I want to remind you of your obligation to pay school tuition on time every month. Our school finances depend completely on Tuition and fundraising, we don’t receive any money from the government or the Archdiocese so without your tuition the school is not able to pay the salary to the teachers. In addition to this news I want to corroborate to you that from OCTOBER 30th, 2017 according to the student-parent hand book: “A $25-dollar fee is going to be charged on the 30th of each month to ALL the families that are late on their tuition. There are not going to be exceptions to this rule.”

Here are the names of the Raffle Prize Winners

1st Price $3,000 Jose Pineda

2nd Price $1,000 Margarita Ornelas

3rd Price $500 Maria Carranza

4th 42’ TV Promari Kris Olan

5th $100 Chad Gusilatar

6th $100 Martell Rodriguez

7th $100 Ninfa Grandoso

8th $100 Ed & Denise Trillo

9th $100 Monette Rivera

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