• Mrs. Rivas


Our school is beginning the enrollment process on Open House Day.

Our goal is that you re-register that day in your student classroom.

With the recommendation of the Archdiocesan Catholic School department we are making changes to our tuition cost to reflect the real needs of our school.

More details are going to be given in coming news, but as part as our marketing plan for now I can tell you that our registration is going to be REDUCED this year from $680 last year to $550 per child. In order to get this discount, you need to pay in full your child’s registration by MAY 31. If you register your child in Open House day and give a deposit of $50 per child, you will get a credit of $75 to your account which means your registration fee is going to be only $525 per year. This is a great opportunity! No exceptions are going to be made with the due dates so take advantage of it soon.

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