• Mrs. Rivas

St. Vincent De Paul Food Collection

One of our responsibilities as Catholics is to take care of the poor. Our Parish does a beautiful job feeding those in need with the help of St. Vincent De Paul Society coordinated by our Deacon Pedro Lira.

Our pantry is in need of food and we as a school are going to help! We are going to bring only the items the pantry needs the most:

1. Cereal

2. Juice

3. Tuna

4. Canned soups, the ones that don’t need a can opener.

5. String cheese

6. Cookies

To make it more interesting to the children we are going to have a school contest, the class that donates the most items is going to win a free-dress day!

We are going to begin our food collection this Wednesday March 7th and we will end on Wednesday March 14th. We will present our donations during our school mass. Please join us in this effort, there is always something we can do to help.

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