• Mrs. Rivas


I am extremely happy to inform you that our school just received the C3 Ignite Grant for the year 2018-2019. This grant is valued in approx. $198,000 in equipment and training for our school!!!!

The grant includes 99 iPads for our school. These iPads are internet connected through Sprint and are going to be on your children hands to take them from school to home and back to use them every day to boost their learning. You will be able to use them at home as hot-spots with no added cost to you. We are in a technological era and our students are going to receive an appropriate education for this century 21st.

We still don’t know the dates when the iPads are going to be delivered but most probably the faculty training is going to begin in August and, students are going to receive their iPads in January/February 2019.

The grant includes the teacher’s training but doesn’t include the money for the iPad covers and the actual cost of the apps. Our school is going to have to step-up with $10,000 to complete the installation of the educational materials in to the iPads.

We are going to explore the mechanisms to obtain that money and we will let you know about it. If you have any ideas please let me hear them. This is great news! Congratulations Saints!

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