• Jayne Jaudon Ferrer

Happy Mother's Day!


Have I taught you the right things, my darlings? Between laundry and table-setting, ironing and pants-hemming, manners and morals and where to pin the corsage, did I remember to teach about love? About listening and hearing and holding and helping and always remembering to put down the toilet seat?

While I ferried you to school and soccer, band and sleepovers, birthdays and baseball and church, did I find time to talk about life? About philosophy and philanthropy and ethics and art and never leaving before the credits have fun?

There’s just so much that matters! You must know about politics, heretics, deferment, fulfillment, pain, civic duty, civil rights, inner beauty…

Oh, I want to teach you everything, darlings! But life is so brief; its wonders so vast. And there’s no textbook for Teaching Life (or How to Turn Boys into Men) I’ll just keep telling you all I can think of; you just keep asking me what’s on The Test.

–from Mother of Sons, by

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