• Mrs. Rivas

Carnival Financial Report

Dear Saints,

We want to thank all the families, parish volunteers and friends that helped this year at our Carnival! This is the financial statement for this year’s Carnival. It is important to mention that we still have a couple of bills to pay and some money to collect from the Silent Auction, however the changes in the final numbers are going to be minimal.

INCOME Food Booths 1. Filipino $1,725 2. Soda/Water $963 3. Pizza $745 4. Mexican $2,009 5. Tacos Dorados $1,474 6. Pupusas $2,111 7. Tacos Corona $2,585 8. Popcorn $403 9. Churros $1,007 10. Beer $950 TOTAL FOOD $13,972 Game Booths 1. Pumpkin patch $274 2. Rainbow $1,321.72 3. Water Ball $1,737 TOTAL GAMES: $3,332.72 Raffle: $13,823.33 Rides: $7,166.40 Vendor/Banner: $750 TOTAL INCOME: $42,374.45


Overhead All $3,823.40

Overhead Kitchen $1,298.13


NET PROFIT: $37,252.92

In comparison with last year when our school received $46,000 from the Carnival, our net profit was down. The main factor was the rain that made us close 3 hours earlier on Friday. We lost 15% of Carnival hours that were reflected on a lost of 20% of the net income.

We are in God’s hands as well as our finances. We are very grateful and proud of the work of all the volunteers and the generous participation of our donors.

May God bless you and your families for your generosity now and forever!

Mrs. Rivas M.A.


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