• Mrs. Rivas

Cyber Safety

Hello Dear Saint’s Parents,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am writing this letter because it has come to my attention that some parents have found awful videos embedded on cartoon videos on the internet and they are concerned that some of our students might have access to that.

As you are aware, cyber safety is a constant problem in our society. At school we take this concern seriously. We have a strong school ‘firewall’ in place at school. However, your child can find these videos using their personal cellphones or even when they borrow your cellphone.

There are now circulating rumors of a media game that asks the children to harm others and themselves. It seems like the video appears embedded in ‘innocent’ cartoon videos. However, there are simple basic steps that I am going to mention ahead that you can take to protect you, your family and your love ones from these kind of media harms:

  1. Make your profiles private on all your devices, on all social media sources including YouTube. Go to your account settings and increase your security levels to private.

  2. Don’t share your address, complete name, phone number or any other private information in any media platform including YouTube and Facebook.

  3. Never give information over media to anyone, including when you think you ‘know’ the person.

  4. Don’t give your passwords to anyone.

  5. Don’t let minors navigate the internet unsupervised.

  6. Watch videos only from original, official sources. For example: instead of looking in YouTube for Disney videos, download the Disney Channel App and watch the videos from the original source.

  7. International communication apps like WhatsApp are not regulated by anyone and can become the source of inappropriate images and videos. Do no let the minors use this type of apps, better communicate directly with them using your text messages.

  8. Don’t open videos, emails or texts from sources or people that you don’t know.

These are simple safety rules. If you still have questions and/or concerns about this matter, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We are stronger when we are together.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Rivas


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