• Archbishop Jose Gomez


In our times there is a great need to understand our existence in terms of the "supernatural" or "celestial." We live in a society governed by mechanisms and technologies, and our thinking tends to become finite and limited to the earth, determined by what we can see and feel, confined to material things.

But human life is much more than that. There is a natural world and also a spiritual world that is "above" him. The earthly is open to the celestial, the visible to the invisible.

In these 40 days of Lent, I want to make a call for all of us - beginning with me - to deepen our awareness of the mystery of our life in Christ. I want us to try to deepen our personal conversion, in the heart of the Gospels and in the writings of the New Testament.

During these days of Lent, I want us to return to the figure of Jesus.

We have to recover the Incarnation as the way and the truth of our life. We know that Jesus, the second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, became human for our sake and for our salvation.

But if we think about it, God could have saved us in many ways. Some spiritual writers say that only a drop of the precious blood of Christ would have been necessary for it.

Instead of this, Jesus chose to enter this world and go through all the moments of human life, from its beginning in the bosom of a mother, until the end, when his body was deposited in a tomb.

By doing this, Jesus sanctified our earthly existence, making it a way to heaven. As He humbled Himself to share our humanity, we can now share His divinity through our own humanity, through our ordinary human life.

Jesus repeated in the Gospels, again and again and in many different ways: "Follow me". Your life should be the way and the pattern of our life.

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