• Mrs. Rivas

Honors to our 8th grade class!!!

We are so proud of our 8th graders!

All of them were accepted to their first choice High School!

Our Mr. Elizalde was “Accepted with honors” to St. Genevieve High School which means he scored more than 90% on his entrance exam. Congratulations Abraham!

Miss Gigantone was also accepted to Notre Dame High School with “Academic Distinction” which means she scored 95% or better in her entrance exam. She is also the recipient of the “Holy Cross Distinguished student award”. She also was accepted with highest honors to Louisville High school

Miss Colby was accepted with Honors both at Notre Dame High School and Louisville High School!

Mr. Paz and Miss Hernandez were both accepted for the college prep track at St. Genevieve.

We are so proud of all of you!

Congratulations also to Mr. Palacios ans Mrs. Ignacio for the amazing work they are doing at Jr. High.

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