• Mrs. Rivas

Thank you! Gracias! Salamat po!

Dear Community of St. Catherine of Siena,

I want to express my immense gratitude for the incredible work you did at the past St. Catherine of Siena’s Carnival.

It is a great joy for me, for the school, and for the parish to see the community work together to help our children!

It was beautiful to see how the different ministries joined the parents of the school to work at the Carnival.

On Friday we had a very difficult day because due to the fires most people decided not to leave their house and the amount of people who attended the Carnival was minimal. However, that did not destroy the mood and joy of all the volunteers who, using masks to help them work through the ashes, continued enthusiastically to work at our Carnival.

I would like to thank you all individually, but I do not want to mention anyone by name because I am afraid of making mistakes and forgetting someone. However I want to thank all the ministries that helped, Couples for Christ, Divine Savior of the World, Virgin of Juquila, Guadalupano Group, Catholic Action, Light and Life, Salvadoran Community, Guatemalan Community, Guadalupana Dance, Night Worship, Apostolate of the Precious Blood of Christ, Philippine Community, Knights of Columbus, Choir of the Mass from 9:30 am, Ballet Fiesta Mexicana, Ballet Lindas Raices from Santa Paula, Estudiantina de Santa Catalina de Siena. I really hope that I did not miss anyone to mention and I apologize in advance if I forget someone.

Finally, I want to thank all the parents who made this Carnival a family event. It was my honor to see how parents become family when they work together. I thank those who worked in the kitchen and in the food booths, those who stayed until very night cleaning, those who got wet for hours in the water balls game, to those who sold raffle tickets, to those who welcomed, to those who organized the entertainment, to those who sold pumpkins, to those who sold tickets, etc. You are a blessing to the school and an example of love and dedication for your children and for the whole community.

In simple words I can only say thanks to everyone. May God abundantly bless you and your families! Thank you!

With Gratitude and Love,

Mrs. Rivas


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