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Dear Saints:

I hope you had a very happy Mother’s Day in the company of your family and in a peaceful home! Throughout the month of May, we will be praying the children's rosary on Fridays at 10 in the morning. It is a nice way to continue honoring our Blessed Mother. The children's rosary is a complete rosary, but only two Hail Mary´s are prayed instead of ten, in this way the children have the complete experience of praying the rosary, but in a simpler way. We want them to fall in love with Our Blessed Mother and to appreciate the beauty of praying the rosary. The Zoom meeting ID of the rosary is 833 0870 4880 and the password is 12345.

I want to thank everyone who has signed up for the 2020-2021 school year. We need to have information on how many students we will have next year to prepare everything necessary: exams, iPads, books, applications, etc. If for some reason they have not registered for the school year The link is:

Take advantage of registering before Friday, May 15 to receive the registration discount price of $ 500 per child. After that day the registration fee will return to its original cost of $ 680 for child. In any case, if you have any doubts, any economic problem related to this situation of the Coronavirus, please feel free to discuss it with us. You know we are not a rich school and we do not have all the financial resources, but together we can find solutions to help you.

Here is another motivation for those families who pay their full enrollment before June 15: Families who pay their full enrollment will be able to keep school iPads in their homes during the summer! What a great opportunity! Take advantage of it!

According to the letter I sent Saturday from our Superintendent Paul Escala, online classes will continue until the end of this school year. For our school, the end of the school year looks like this: The last day of school this year will be on Friday, June 19 as scheduled. The 8th grade students will finish their classes on Friday June 5 and on June 10 we will have the graduation ceremony. TK and Kindergarten students will finish their school year on June 12 as scheduled. Kindergarten students will have their graduation when we return in the next school year so they can wear their caps and gowns.

The 2020-2021 school year will begin at our school on August 24 with full hours for 1st to 8th grade. TK and Kindergarten students will also start that day but for the first week of school their class will be dismissed at 12:15 to allow them to adjust to school again.

There is a possibility, and it is in the hands of our authorities, that we need to return to online classes in the fall. If that happens, we will be ready to move forward with the education of our children.

Finally, I want to inform you that to this day we can thank God that no one in our school community including teachers and students from all Catholic schools has been sick with the Coronavirus. Thanks for staying home and following all the directions from the doctors and authorities! We will continue to pray for the health of all those who have contracted the virus and we ask God to free us from all evil.

Mrs. Rivas


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