• Mrs. Rivas

St. Catherine of Siena Day, 4/29/2020

Dear Saints,

I hope this letter finds you in good emotional, spiritual and physical health.

This week we will have the joy to celebrate the day of Saint Catherine of Siena on Wednesday, March 29. Saint Catherine was a brave young woman who gave up her daily life and rejected marriage to marry Jesus. She was a visionary and wrote documents that are now church doctrine. She suffered the pains of the passion of Christ through a phenomenon called stigmata. She managed by her letters to convince then Pope Gregory XI to return the papacy to Rome and leave Avignon. She was a woman who, although she died very young, managed to change the history of the church. She said: "Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire" a phrase that we teach our students because, if they listen to the voice of God about their vocation in this world, we are confident that we will have a better world , burning in the fire of the Holy Spirit. One of the symbols of Saint Catherine of Siena are flowers, specifically Lilies. To celebrate Santa Catalina day this Wednesday we are inviting all the students and their families to take a selfie with flowers. They can be flowers from your garden, flowers from the park or a drawing of a flower, any form of flower you can find, it is not necessary to go to the store. The idea is that you send the selfie to your teacher or to my email and that we fill our Facebook page with the beautiful smiles of our children and the flowers of thanks for St. Catherine of Siena


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