May 14, 2018

On May 1st, the California Bishops published a pastoral letter called Hope and Healing. It is about Mental Health.

They say: “Mental illness is neither a moral failure nor a character defect. To suffer from a psychiatric disorder is not a sign of insufficient faith or weakness of will. Christian faith and religious practice do not immunize a person against mental illness.”

“It is time now to build bridges between science and religion, health care and pastoral care Clergy and health care professionals, families and mental health advocates should work together to encourage a “both-and,” rather than “either-or” approach to psychological and spiritual healing. We welcome and encourage advances in science and medicine.”

If you want to read the complete letter, you can find it at:

May 14, 2018

Pope Francis just established a new Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. It is going to be celebrated from now on every Monday after Pentecost.

To celebrate this inaugural memorial, Archbishop Jose Gomez is inviting all Catholic Schools to celebrate the Holy Mass on May 21, 2018 at 12:00pm at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

I am inviting parents to drive their own children to the mass at the Cathedral. Students attending mass at the Cathedral are dismissed from school that day. Students attending must arrive to the Cathedral at 11:30 and meet with Mrs. Rivas at by the Exit door of the Cathedral (the one that is closer to the freeway). Students are going to wear mass uniform. I will have some snacks for them at the end of mass.

If you are attending this special Mass please let us know, call the office or talk with your teachers. Thank you for your participation.

May 14, 2018

The school makes a huge financial sacrifice to assist some of our families in need. If your family is currently receiving Tuition Assistance (means that you are not paying full tuition) please make an appointment with Mrs. Rivas before May 31st. Tuition Assistance is not going to be rolled-over for next year. We need to become an organized school and have a reliable budget, so NO TUITION ASSISTANCE IS GOING TO BE GIVEN TO CURRENT FAMILIES AFTER MAY 31ST.

May 14, 2018

I want to thank the whole school for your participation in past PTO meetings! You are an amazing group of parents!

We are having our last general PTO meeting for the year 2017-2018 on Tuesday May 22nd at 7:00pm.

Please take an hour from your busy schedule to hear about all the wonderful projects we have for the summer and next year! Remember that we have an idea box. You can write your ideas an participate! I hope to see you all there. Everything is about the children, your children, our children.

May 10, 2018



¿Les he enseñado las cosas correctas, mis queridos?

Entre la lavandería y poner la mesa, planchado y dobladillo de pantalones, modales y moral y

dónde fijar el ramillete,

¿Recordé enseñarles sobre el amor? ¿Acerca de escuchar y sostener y ayudar y siempre recordar bajar el asiento del inodoro?

Mientras los llevaba a la escuela y al fútbol, la banda, las fiestas de pijamas, los cumpleaños, el béisbol y la iglesia, ¿Encontré tiempo para hablar sobre la vida?

¿Sobre la filosofía y la filantropía

y la ética y el arte y nunca salir antes de que los créditos se diviertan?

¡Hay tanto que importa!

Debes saber sobre

política, herejes,

aplazamiento, cumplimiento,

dolor, deber cívico,

derechos civiles, belleza interior ...

¡Oh, quiero enseñarles todo, queridos!

Pero la vida es muy breve; sus maravillas son tan vastas

Y no hay libros de texto para

Enseñar la Vida (o cómo convertir a los niños en hombres)

Seguiré diciéndote todo lo que pueda pensar;

solo me sigues...

May 10, 2018


Have I taught you the right things,
my darlings?
Between laundry and table-setting,
ironing and pants-hemming,
manners and morals and
where to pin the corsage,
did I remember to teach about love?
About listening and hearing
and holding and helping
and always remembering to put down the toilet seat?

While I ferried you to school and soccer,
band and sleepovers,
birthdays and baseball and church,
did I find time to talk about life?
About philosophy and philanthropy
and ethics and art and never leaving before the credits have fun?

There’s just so much that matters!
You must know about
politics, heretics,
deferment, fulfillment,
pain, civic duty,
civil rights, inner beauty…

Oh, I want to teach you everything, darlings!
But life is so brief; its wonders so vast.
And there’s no textbook for
Teaching Life (or How to Turn Boys into Men)
I’ll just keep telling you all I can think of;
you just keep asking me
what’s on
The Test.

–from Mother of Sons,

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